Privacy Policy

Website GDPR Privacy & Cookie Policy 

E-Terms are a leading provider of custom-made GDPR privacy & cookie policies and terms and conditions for UK websites. Our website GDPR privacy policy documents were drafted by experienced internet lawyers, and are reviewed regularly to ensure compliance with the latest EU and UK regulations.

Our privacy & Cookie policy templates confirm your commitment to preserving the privacy of your customers, and include the following sections:

  • In compliance with company law, your registered company details.
  • The new GDPR General Data Protection Laws
  • If applicable your registration and compliance with the ICO (Data Protection Act).
  • A summary of the information that you collect from visitors.
  • Generic statements on how that information might be used.
  • A tailored section covering your disclosure of information. Based on your answers, our privacy policy states if you intend to share your data with 3rd parties.
  • Disclosure, in the event you merge businesses or sell out to a new company.
  • Generic statements relating to data protection for users outside the EEC.
  • Cookie Policy - How you use cookies.
  • How 3rd parties (e.g. Google Analytics) might use cookies on your site.
  • How customers can contact you to access and update personal information held by you.
  • Contact details as required by UK and EU regulations.

Our Privacy Policy templates are provided free when you buy terms and conditions from us. Our system will ask you a simple set of questions on your business, and then create legal documents tailored to your company and website. If you have a question regarding our GDPR privacy policies please contact us.