All e-Terms Packages include GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

All e-Terms Packages include GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

e-Terms can help you with your GDPR compliance, starting with our GDPR Privacy Policy drafted by our Lawyers and tailored to your business.

e-Terms will create for you, a tailored GDPR Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions for your Website in literally just a few minutes!

It's amazingly easy; answer a set of questions about your business and our clever document builder does all the work for you... 


1 Select the type of website you have

2 Answer a few simple questions about your business 

3 Instantly download your tailored GDPR Privacy Policy and T&Cs, add to your website

Also included are notes and general guidance which aims to help guide you through the processes/business practices that you may need to adopt in order to comply with this new legislation.

Be assured your GDPR Privacy Policy and T&Cs are NOT 'off the shelf' templates. You do NOT have to mess around manually editing. E-terms creates your GDPR Privacy Policy and T&Cs tailored to your business.

Your GDPR Privacy Policy and T&Cs documents are fully formatted HTML documents so these can be directly copied and pasted directly into your Website in seconds.